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Diet Coke (additionally branded as Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Diet
or Coca-Cola Light Taste) is a sugar-free and low-calorie mushy drink produced and distributed
by the Coca-Cola Company. It accommodates artificial sweeteners as an alternative
of sugar. 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark.
The product shortly overtook the company's existing
weight loss program cola, Tab (which was discontinued in 2020), in gross sales.
When diet colas first entered the market, starting with Diet Rite, the Coca-Cola Company had
a long-standing coverage to use the Coca-Cola name solely on its flagship cola, and so its
food regimen cola was named Tab when it was released in 1963.
Its rival Pepsi had no such qualms, and after the long-term success of its sugar-free Diet Pepsi
(launched in 1964) turned clear, Coca-Cola determined to launch a competing sugar-free model
below the Coca-Cola name that may very well be marketed extra simply
than Tab. Diet Coke will not be primarily based on the Coca-Cola
components, however as a substitute on Tab. The controversial New Coke, introduced in 1985, used a
model of the Diet Coke recipe that contained high-fructose corn syrup and had a barely completely different steadiness of
ingredients. In 2005, the company launched
Coca-Cola Zero (renamed Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in 2017), a sugar-free system extra carefully based mostly on original Coca-Cola.

In 2005, under strain from retailer Walmart (which
was impressed with the over-the-counter popularity of Splenda sweetener), the company launched a brand new formulation called "Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda".

Sucralose and acesulfame potassium changed aspartame
on this version. As the formulation was done to mollify one retailer, this selection had little advertising and promotion,
as the corporate most popular to market Coca-Cola Zero instead.

By late 2009, most distributors had stopped
distributing the Splenda-formulated Diet Coke.
In 2018, in an effort to be more appealing to millennials, Diet Coke was packaged in a
taller, more slender can (of the identical volume) and launched 4
new flavors. The cans reverted to the standard shape a
12 months later. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have capitalized on the markets of people who require low
sugar regimens, such as diabetics and other people concerned
with calorie intake. In the UK, a 330 ml can of Diet Coke
incorporates round 1.Three kilocalories (5 kilojoules) in comparison with 142 kilocalories (595 kJ) for a daily can of Coca-Cola.

Early on, to avoid wasting money, this was also originally in a mix with saccharin. After Diet Rite
cola marketed its one hundred % use of aspartame, and the manufacturer of NutraSweet
(then G. D. Searle & Company) warned that the NutraSweet trademark would not be
made obtainable to a mix of sweeteners, Coca-Cola switched the formula to 100 p.c aspartame.
Diet Coke from fountain dispensers nonetheless accommodates some
saccharin to extend shelf life. In response to the Coca-Cola Company, the sweetener mix is "formulated for each country based on shopper preference".
Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light may be sweetened with a blend containing aspartame, cyclamates, and acesulfame potassium.
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke 1983 Diet Coke without the
caffeine. Diet Cherry Coke/Diet Coke Cherry 1986 Diet Coke with a
cherry taste. Discontinued in Australia and Israel. A newer version of the drink was released in mid-January 2018, known as Diet
Coke Feisty Cherry. Diet Coke Lime. It still presently stays available
from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Diet Coke with Lemon 2001 2005 in US Diet Coke with a lemon taste.

The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Israel,
and the United States. The version sold in mainland Europe
makes use of the Coca-Cola light brand. Was out there for a time in Australia.
Only accessible in the United States from Coca-Cola Freestyle
machines. Diet Vanilla Coke/Diet Coke Vanilla 2002 2005 in US Diet Coke with a vanilla taste.
Available in Hong Kong, New Zealand (only 300mL and 600mL),
Australia, Belgium, Canada. Only obtainable in the United States
from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Diet Coke with Lime/Diet
Coke Lime 2004 2018 Diet Coke with a lime taste. Available
within the US, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Canada.
Was available for a time in Australia. A newer model of the drink was released in mid-January 2018,
often known as Diet Coke Ginger Lime. Diet Coke Raspberry June 1, 2005 End of 2005 Diet
Coke with a raspberry flavor. Only Available in New Zealand and the United
States from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Diet
Coke Sweetened with Splenda 2005 A version that's sweetened with Splenda.
Diet Coke with Splenda accommodates 2.83 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce.
The drink contains acesulfame potassium and sucralose;
aspartame was used previously as sweetener. Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla 2006 2007 Diet Coke with a combination of black cherry and Vanilla flavors.
Only accessible within the US. Coca-Cola Light Sango 2005 Coca-Cola Light with a
blood orange flavor. Only obtainable in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
An analogous drink was introduced to the United States and Canada in 2018, referred to as Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange.
Diet Coke with Citrus Zest 2007 Diet Coke with
a lemon and lime taste. Only obtainable within the United Kingdom.
Diet Coke Plus 2007 2011 Diet Coke with a mix of vitamins and minerals.
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry 2018 Diet Coke with a "spicy" cherry taste.
Available within the UK, US and Canada, replacing the previous Diet Coke with
Cherry taste. Diet Coke Ginger Lime 2018 Diet Coke with a mixture of Ginger
and Lime flavors. Available within the UK, US and Canada, changing the former Diet Coke with Lime flavor.
Diet Coke Twisted Mango 2018 Diet Coke with a Mango taste.
Available within the UK (as Exotic Mango), US and Canada. Diet Coke Zesty
Blood Orange 2018 Diet Coke with a Blood Orange flavor, similar to
Coca-Cola Light Sango. Available within the
UK, US and Canada. Diet Coke Ginger Lemon 2018 Diet Coke with a combination of Ginger and Lemon flavors.

Exclusively offered in the United States from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
Diet Coke Strawberry Guava 2019 Diet Coke with a Psidium cattleyanum flavor.
Available in the United States. Diet Coke Blueberry Acai 2019 Diet Coke with an A軋 Blueberry
taste. Available within the United States. Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry 2019 Diet Coke with a
Strawberry flavor. Available in the United Kingdom. 1982 - Diet Coke is introduced, becoming the most important-selling low-calorie
soft drink in America. 1983 - Diet Coke is introduced
in the UK. 1986 - Diet Cherry Coke is launched in American markets.
1994 - Diet Coke changes logo. 1999 - Diet Cherry Coke adjustments logo.
2001 - Diet Coke with Lemon is introduced.
2002 - Diet Vanilla Coke is introduced. Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Coke
change logo. 2004 - Diet Coke with Lime is introduced.
Diet Coke with Lemon adjustments emblem. 2005 - Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda is launched.
Diet Cherry Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke change logos and are renamed.

2006 - Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla is launched.
Diet Coke with Lemon and Diet Coke Vanilla are discontinued.
2007 - Diet Coke Plus is introduced. Diet Coke Black Cherry
Vanilla is discontinued. Diet Coke and its six flavors modifications brand.
2011 - Diet Coke surpasses Pepsi in sales for the primary
time to grow to be the second most popular soda within the United States after Coca-Cola.
2013 - In the UK, Coca-Cola swapped the logo on Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero bottles and cans within the UK with one hundred fifty of Britain's hottest names for a summer time-long
"Share a Coke" marketing campaign. 2014 - Diet Coke invitations customers to 'Get A Taste' of the great life.

This marketing campaign asks the question "what if life tasted this good?".

Television commercials debuted September 24.
The first industrial happen on an airplane when a woman is surrounded by crying infants however takes a sip of Diet Coke and opens her eyes right into a converse-simple social gathering.
2018 - On January 22, Diet Coke introduced Ginger
Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango flavors in a
skinny can, focusing on millennials. 2019 - Diet Coke added two new flavors, Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Guava to their "Because I Can" Campaign line.
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"Diet Coke" - news キ キ books キ scholar キ Aspartame is one of the crucial
intensively scrutinized food additives. Coca-Cola has now
launched Diet Coke sweetened with sucralose (under the model name Splenda),
though it isn't as widespread. The sodium benzoate was found to interrupt down mitochondrial DNA in dwelling yeast cells.
Research published in 2007 for the British government's Food Standards Agency suggests that sodium benzoate (E211) is linked
to hyperactive habits and decreased intelligence in youngsters.
In January 2008 sodium benzoate was removed from manufacturing traces for Diet Coke
sold within the UK; nevertheless, it remains in other Coke merchandise and other production locations.
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Diabetes Care. 32 (4): 688-694. doi:10.2337/dc08-1799.
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Environmental Health Perspectives. 75: 53-57. doi:10.1289/ehp.877553.

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